Friday, January 13, 2012

30 Rock & Parks and Recreation - Didja watch?

Didja watch 30 Rock "Dance Like Nobody's Watching?"  If you had you woulda seen:
 - America's Kidz Got Singing and Jenna's a judge.  In fact she's a really mean judge.  John McEnroe's a judge too but he's super sweet and even pretty chipper. 

- Jack and Liz catch each other up on their Christmas holidays.  His wife is still in N. Korea having her own kind of Hunger Games I'd imagine.  Jack correctly predicts that because of family guilt Liz is wearing a gift she received at Christmas but he could have never predicted it would be a dickey and that she'd show it to him.  Also he's signed her up for a dating service called because he thinks she's got the post-holiday blues.

- Kenneth, dear, sweet, dim Kenneth, thinks the rapture is happening the next day.  I wonder if the writer guys ever get tired of making fun of him.  It'd be different if he was aware of it.  Anywhoodle, Liz convinces Kenneth to do all the things he's always wanted to do before he leaves for Heaven.

- Now that Jack is a father he's super sensitive about kids, specifically all the kids Jenna is being nasty to on the show.  He wants her to be nice but she's perfectly happy being the judge everyone loves to hate.  Jenna tries being nice but backhanded compliments are totally boring so McEnroe and D'Fawn, the other judge (he was Tracy's wife's hairdresser I think), convince him to let Jenna be mean again.

- Jack's daughter, Lydie, is too cute and he wants to protect her from the big, mean world.  She reminds him that money is way more important than people's feelings (even though she was actually saying "Mommy" and not "money.")

- Tracy follows Liz around and sees her buying pills off of some guy.  Of course he assumes she's a crack whore but Jack figures out what she's really been up to:

- Lemon's joined an old-lady dance team.  Poor Tracy laments, "Oh God! So much grapevining!"  So dancing has made her happy and Jack finds out that she's got a guy too.  So she didn't have a depressing break after all.  We don't see the guy's face but we see Liz's and she's pretty happy.  Jack is SHOCKED!

- Kenneth's rapture doesn't happen and the guys take him to see the ocean which is something he's never seen before.  It's kinda cute.

Didja watch Parks and Recreation "The Comeback Kid?"  If you had you woulda seen:
- Leslie's rally to announce she's running for city council.  Again.  She hires Ann to be her campaign manager and even though Leslie insults her, Ann accepts.  Leslie runs into her old campaign managers who are there to support someone else.

- Andy and April have a new dog, Champion.  He's got 3 legs and is terribly cute.  Ben knows he'll end up taking care of Champion but since he doesn't have job to go to can't argue with them about it.

- The plans for the rally are underway and Ron has offered to build her stage because, "Every single contractor in the world is a miserable, incompetent thief."  April, Andy, Champion and Tom go with him to get the supplies but break about 50 laws in doing so.  Luckily Leslie gets them out of trouble.

- Meanwhile Ben's at home keeping busy by learning to make calzones and teaching himself to make claymation videos.  Chris is worried about Ben and his Letters to Cleo tee.  In fact he's probably never been so worried in his entire life.  Literally.  Ben realizes claymation is a lot more tedious than he imagined and maybe he is depressed like Chris suspects.  Not to worry, Chris has an herbal shake and some words of encouragement for him.

- Ann's recruited local high school basketball legend, Pistol Pete to endorse Leslie.  Too bad he doesn't want to slam dunk his support for Leslie and instead would like to move beyond his past.  Ann's task is to talk to him and see if she can get him to agree.  This results in his opening up about his entire life and even lands him in the fetal position in the back of Ann's car.  That went well.

- Leslie's rally kind of falls apart and she ends up having to walk across an ice rink to get to her tiny stage that has no stairs.  She winds up winning the crowd over by making fun of herself and her rally.  Plus Pistol Pete pulls himself together, gives Leslie his endorsement, and makes a run for the basketball net to make a slam dunk.  Too bad he slips and breaks his arm on the ice.

- Leslie fires Ann and hires Ben to be her campaign manager.  Heck, he did win his mayoral election when he was 18.  What could go wrong?

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