Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 2 of San Diego Comic-Con

I am so sleepy. My back hurts too. I'm writing this, again on Dana's iPad, as I sit in line for another panel. This is the first day that I'm alone but I make friends quickly so when I'm done typing I'll befriend the kinda cute Brit in front of me who does a killer Alec Guinness.

So yesterday...

First up in massive Hall H was Paranorman. Again I apologize for a lack of links and pics. It's just too much work for my brain at this time. Paranorman (ParaNorman maybe?). It's a stop motion movie from the folks who brought you the incredible Coraline. They've gotten even better at what they do and it shows. The time it takes for a stop motion film is insane and the patience from each animator is something I can't even comprehend. The film looks great and has a great story. Norman is an outcast kid who can see ghosts. He, along with his sister and a few others get a chance to save their town from the undead. Voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee(from Let Me In), Anna Kendrick, McLovin, and more. This is one I won't miss.

After that was The Big Bang Theory. Johnny Galecki's flight was delayed and Jim Pasons is on stage in NYC (Harvey, which I bet he's great in). However Parsons appeared on a tv screen that they wheeled in. I had hoped they'd hang a Green Lantern shirt from it butq alas they did not. The panel was fun and had lots of laughs. They gave away a trip to space, which was pretty dang cool.

After that was The Walking Dead. We saw some footage of what Michonne can do with a sword and then Inside the prison and a bit around Woodbury. We were introduced to David Morrisey (a fave Brit actor of mine) who is playing the Governoe and his only complaint is the Georgia heat. Heh. Poor guy. Sarah Wayne Callies made no excuse or apologies for Lori's Lady Macbeth actions. Anyway they assured us that season 3 will start at the amped up level season 2 ended at. I still have no complaints about the show whatsoever so I'm not worried.

Following that was Game of Thrones. They've just started filming season 3 but George RR Martin, who moderated as usual, promised us a teaser. We got it. We got a title card and a voice over of (I think) Catelyn saying "war is just beginning" or something. That was it and it got a big laughs from the audience. We did get a recap of Season 2 and Robb, Theon, Catelyn, Danerys, and Ygritte were on the panel. They were all very cool folks. The girl who plays Ygritte (who was also Gwen on Downton) actually grew up in a castle. Martin told us a cute story about only being able to have turtles as a kid in a housing project. They lived in a plastic castle and he used to make up medieval-type stories about them. So technically GoT was first done by turtles. Fanfic writers should have a field day with that. So someone get on it.

After GoT we moved forward to get closer for the other movie panels. first up was Resident Evil:Retribution (#5!). Milla Jovovich is a goofball and completely dorky, which makes me love her more. I should be ashamed for my love of the RE movies but I'm not. I find them entertaining and this one looks as good as the others. So take that as you will. Next up was a better look at Total Recall. They were there last year but didn't have much finished footage to show. I know people get tired of remakes, reboots, etc but I didn't love the original and this is gonna be a good movie. It looks better. It's not tongue-in-cheek, which is a requirement with Ahnold movies. And I like the cast. I'm predicting now that I will love it. Then was Looper, directed by one of my faces, Rian Johnson. Its a time travel-ish movie and I was impressed. Plus, it helps that my beloved Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it. So are Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, and Jeff Daniels so it has to be good. We bugged out right before the Matt Damon/Jodi Foster panel for Elysium (directed by the dude who did District 13). So no pics of them :(

Wow, I've written enough. I'm gonna try and get some pics posted later.

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